Article I
General Provisions

Section 1: Name, Fiscal Year, and Office. Business Connection, Inc. is incorporated under the laws of the State of Kansas with offices in Paola, Kansas. The fiscal year is from January 1st through December 31st of each year.

Section 2: Purpose. The purpose of this organization is to network, motivate and educate like-minded professionals working together as a support system to grow their businesses through referrals.

Section 3: Primary Focus. During the weekly meeting, the emphasis will be passing referrals to other members of the group. Each member will be given a 60 second opportunity (business infomercial) to convey the basic activities and goals of their individual professions to assist the other members in referring future business to them. On a rotational basis, one member per week will be given and opportunity to present more detailed information regarding their business procedures and activities (5 to 10 minutes for presentation time).

Article II

Section 1: Eligibility. Only one profession per group will be represented.

Section 2: Application and approval. Application for membership shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors and the application shall constitute a commitment to participate following the rules and regulations as set forth in these by-laws. Application will include a copy of each member’s license(s), if required by their profession. All applications for membership must be approved or denied by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Section 3: Termination.
A. Any member may resign from Business Connection, Inc.
B. The Board of Directors may expel a member for non-payment of dues after 60 days from the due date by a simple majority vote.
C. By a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors at any meeting, The Board may expel a member for conduct or actions that are not conducive to the reputation of the group.

Article III

Section 1: Meetings will be held weekly. Currently, the designated time and place is Wednesday from 7:45 a.m.-9:15 a.m. at the Paola Country Club, 29651 Old KC Rd., Paola, KS 66071.

Section 2: Additional Meetings. The President may call additional meetings for the membership or the Board of Directors. Notice of special meetings will be given at least one (1) week in advance.

Article IV
Executive Board of Directors/Board of Directors

Section 1: Membership. The Executive Board of Directors is comprised of the founding members of Business Connection, Inc. who include Judi Branine, Dr. Justin Fulk, John Freeman, BJ Johnson, Michelle Pixler and Laurie Swicegood. The Executive Board, along with the current President, Vice-President and Secretary comprise the Board of Directors each calendar year.

Section 2: Vacancy. If a termination of a member of the Executive Board of Directors occurs, the vacancy will not be filled. If a termination of membership occurs for any of the leadership positions, the position will be filled by a nomination(s) from the Board of Directors and majority vote to fill the vacant position.

Article V
Selection of Officers

Section 1: Annual Election. By the first meeting in November, the Board of Directors will select a Presidential nominee for the following year. If, that nominee accepts the responsibilities of the position of President, he/she will select and fill the other positions.

Article VI

Section 1: President. The President will serve as the head of the group and preside at all meetings, prepare and distribute the weekly agenda, and maintain the speaker schedule. The President will, with the advice and counsel of the Board of Directors, select the Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and all committee chairmen.

Section 2: Vice-President. In the event the President is absent, the Vice-President will preside at the meeting. The Vice-President will take attendance and enforce the attendance policy. He/She will record referral numbers and present a monthly report during the first meeting of the month for prior month. The Vice-President will appoint a chair for the membership committee. The Vice-President and the Membership Chair will select 2-4 members for the membership committee.

Section 3: Secretary/Treasurer. The Secretary will introduce the speaker for the week; track annual membership renewals and monthly dues; pay bills and manage the checking account; present a monthly fiscal report during the first meeting of each month for the prior month.

Section 4: Motivational Coordinator. Present a motivational or educational topic weekly or recruit another member to provide the informational topic for the week. There will not be a “motivational minute” the week the the business meeting is held. He/She will maintain the library/resource materials.

Section 5. Greeter. The Greeter will arrive ten minutes early to set up materials and welcome visitors. Duties include: collecting 2 business cards from each visitor, providing them with a name badge, having them sign in, providing them with a visitor’s packet, explaining the 60 second infomercial and introducing them to the other members.

Section 6: New Member Trainer. Schedule a time to meet with the new member for a review of policies and how to be a good member. The trainer will oversee the new member program and report to the group on the new member’s progress.

Section 7: The Membership Committee. This committee will review applications, contact reference, notify new members of acceptance, notify the President and Vice-President of acceptance, evaluate the participation of members, and evaluate complaints about members.

Article VII

Section 1: Annual Dues. New member dues are $100.00 to be due and payable with the application form.

Section 2: Renewal Dues. Renewal dues will be paid on or before the anniversary date of their individual membership renewal date. Renewal fees are $50.00.

Section 3: Monthly Dues. There will be monthly dues of $5.00 per person paid by check at the first meeting of each month. If not paid during the first week, $10.00 will be due at the second meeting or thereafter.

Section 4: Waiver of Dues for Officers. The President, Vice-President and Secretary’s annual dues will be waived for the time served as officers.

Article VIII

Section 1: Attendance Incentive. During the last meeting of the month, members who have been in attendance every Wednesday or were represented by a substitute will be eligible for the monthly monetary attendance reward.

Section 2: Substitutes. There will be a “primary” member who should represent their profession at least 50% of the time. The member can have anyone who is familiar with their business and can represent them attend in their place.

Section 3: Absences Resulting in Termination. If a member and/or their substitute(s) is absent more than 3 meetings during a quarter, their membership may be terminated. Each situation will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.