About Us

Paola Business Connection

Our Mission:

The primary purpose of the group is to network, motivate and educate like-minded professionals working together as a support system to grow their businesses through referrals.

How does it work:

  • Business Connection meets every Wednesday from 7:45-9:00 a.m. at Paola Country Club (29651 Old Kansas City Rd., Paola, KS 66071). The only exceptions might be during holidays and adverse weather as determined by the Paola school district.
  • Each profession, every week, will be given a 60-second opportunity to educate the rest of the group about some aspect of their business. Visitors will also be given a 60 second opportunity after the members have spoken, to talk about their business.
  • Only one profession/type of business is allowed per group.There will be a primary representative for each business/profession. 
  • On a rotational basis, each profession will be given a 5-10 minute presentation time to convey in more detail information regarding their business to the entire group.


  • Members are encouraged to attend every week. No more than three absences per quarter are allowed to maintain good standing. However, if the primary person cannot attend, a substitute should be utilized. The substitute does not have to be the same person every time and does not need to work in that specific business or profession.
  •  Visitors can visit twice during any quarter.


The initial membership fees are $100.00. Annual membership renewal fees are $50.00.
Monthly dues are $5.00 per month, due and payable by check the first Wednesday of each month. Most members pay quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. If payment is late, the monthly dues increase to $10.00 for each late month.

The last Wednesday of each month, each business, who has had perfect attendance that month (including having a substitute attend), will be entered in a drawing for the total monthly dues collected.

By-Laws: Can be seen by clicking here.

Application:  Click here to download application:  Business Connection Application   Please give to the membership chair. 



If you have any questions feel free to contact any member, their contact information is on their individual pages or you can call Mitch who is the Secretary/Treasurer at 913.686.2602.